Wednesday, February 9, 2011

"Fog, Fire and Ice" Paragraph.

The animal in the poem “Fog” is a cat. I think the cat was chosen by the author because its sneaky and stealthy. If I was the author I would have chosen a snake because like the cat its sneaky. Also, I think snakes are probably thee most sneakiest animal. Snakes are just naturally slick because you can hardly hear them, unless its a rattle snake. Another thing is that cats can be sneaky when they want to but snakes are always stealthy. I chose this animal because it fits more with the snake than a cat.

The world is going to end with fire. The world is going to end like this because the NASA scientist say that in 2013 the Earth is going to get hit by a huge asteroid the size of Texas. Also, asteroids are pure fire. If  we were supposed to die in ice then the scientist would already be talking about it. If this does happen, hopefully it doesn't but, I will be a helpless sophomore praying and trying not to die. Honestly, I think that the world isn’t going to end after all.


  1. Thats good! Didn't see any mistakes here. Good post work.

  2. Good job on your post i really liked it and i agree with you.

  3. Nice job, you just need to make sure none of your pictures dont have copywrite.