Sunday, September 26, 2010

"Favorite Character Interview."

1. What is your name?   
-My name is Jen S.

2. What is your favorite character in a movie or book?
-My favorite character is Jackie Pascal in the movie The House of Yes.

3. Describe your character in one word.
-Jackie is a very crazy person.

4. What is the character’s motivation?
-Her motivation is to be Jackie O.

5. Describe the character’s appearance.
-She thinks that she’s Jackie O, so she dresses like Jackie O,which is classy, hats, pearl necklaces, popular dresses that were in 60’ 70’s.

6. Name a few actions the character performs.
-She acts like Jackie O. She reenacts Jackie O after JFK's murder. She also attempt's to get between her brother and her brothers fiancé

7. What does the character think about?
-She thinks a lot about her brother and Jackie O.

8. What does the character say?
-Jackie is very sass.

9.Why do you like this character?
-She can do as many one liners as possible.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

“My Input for Staff-Teacher Conferences”

I feel good about my grade so far. I mean I had A- but I haven't turned in a very important project which is my story bird. This project is worth 500 points. Lately my partner and I have been working on it. My strengths in this class are very good because I do my homework, occasionally I don’t but I try my best to turn it in. I don’t have any challenges, I pay attention, and I’m respectful towards you and my classmates. I hope to have an A in Ms. Priester’s class because I need to have and a in every class and anything’s possible if I try.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

“About Me Acrostic Poem.”


* I’m not stingy or selfish.


* You can ALWAYS count on me.


* I can be immature at times. I’m a kid.


* I can control the little things that bother me.


* Basically I’m friendly, willing to talk.


* I’m full of life.


* I’m up for a challenge


* I’m willing to adapt quickly.

“Character Acrostic Poem for Roger."


* He has a dirty face that needs to be washed.


* His goal was to snatch Luella’s pocketbook.


* Luella gave him 10 dollars and he says thank you m’am.


* He understands what he did was wrong.


* He snatched Luella’s pocketbook.

Monday, September 20, 2010

“Thank You, M’am” Letter From Roger.

September 15, 2010
Dear Ms. Luella Bates Washington Jones,

I woke up on what I thought was going to be a regular day. Either way I brushed my teeth, ate breakfast, and went to school. After school was over I was on my way home and I took the long way home for some reason. Next thing I see is a little boy running and he falls right in front of me. So I ask him what’ wrong and he said, “My name is David, I wanted some money to go to a concert, this is the only way to get some money. Plus I'm too young to work. I saw this person and I took her purse.” Immediately I thought to myself this is me. I told David that he HAS to return the purse to whomever he took it from. Basically I told him everything that you told me Luella. I had to write this letter to you to thank you for teaching me right from wrong. Know I taught it to someone else. Once again thank you so much.


Character Graphic Organizer

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Character Analysis of Sandra.

There is an adult on campus named Sandra. She is such an understanding person, also she is very funny. I always go to her when I have problems. She always knows what to say so to me when I'm feeling down; she just makes me feel way much better. Sandra reminds me of my mom so much she can always be my best friend. Sandra is such a positive person. She just sets off a good vibe.  Sandra always has a smile on her face. I appreciate the fact that I'm just a kid here and that she is always there for me.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Character Comparaison.

Luella and my grandma have some things in common. For example my grandma has a big heart for people just like Luella. She likes to help out people when they mess up in life, and make a bad decision. One time I was in trouble in school, she lectures me for hours about it and why I should never so that again. Another thing that they have in common is that they both have experienced with street people. They both like to teach people about respect. Some things that are different about Luella and my grandma are that Luella just gave Roger the ten dollars to by the shoes. My grandma would have made Roger do something in order to earn his ten dollars. The most excellent character trait that they have is that they care for people that have had troubled times. Basically that means that they are understanding.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Thank You M'am From Roger's Point of View.

I was so nervous when I snatched the purse from this large woman, FAIL.  Her name was Luella Jones. I was shaking in my messed up shoes when I tried to take her pocketbook. I was only trying to get some money to get myself some new blue suede shoes. She got me by my shirt and she asked me why I decided to steal her  pocketbook. I wasn’t going to tell her I wanted some shoes, so I lied I thought man for sure she was going to turn me into to the police. I mean why wouldn’t she. Then she took me to her house. I didn’t know what to think I was terrified. When we got to her house I just wanted to tell her I sorry I owe it to her she just saved my life. She told me to go and wash my face. The again I think of it different maybe she just wanted to teach me a lesson so that I would never do that again. I think that she was just trying to understand that I’m troubled kid who needs to be taught right from wrong. I feel really bad about this whole situation. She tried to feed me too. I think she thought I was homeless or something. She acted as if she was my mom. Later on she gave me ten dollars to by my shoes. I didn’t know what to say she must be an angel.  I am never going to take anything ever again.

When The Going Gets Tough, The tough Get Going.

People who live by the saying, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going”, may do so because of the way they think. Some people go through hard struggles sometimes and, as the years pass them by they decide that they will just forget and keep moving forward with out a care. Inside they do care. They actually care very much, but they feel like it’s just another worry or problem that they don’t need. So they try to pretend or make themselves think that they don’t care. In other cases people that are having a hard time or moment still keep working and going on strong. They might know or feel that this will help them through the problem or situation they are having.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Ride Home.

Mimi was driving to drop her friend Celest off at her house. They just had left from work. She had got a text, but she was nearsighted. She wasn't wearing her reading glasses. She was thinking to herself that she had to focus on the road. She tried to put on her glasses to identify what someone had sent her. She had to maintain not trying to risk her life from not looking at the road, trying to multitask. Celest was sitting on the passenger seat. She was holding Mimi’s phone because she was using it to text some else. Her phone is broken. She looked over to see if the text was for her and apparently it want for her. Celest told Mimi that she should be sending people appropriate messages instead of sending people unsuitable mail. Mimi was trying to tell Celest that she needs to affect herself, to change. The conversation ended. Mimi dropped off Celest and ever since then she learned her lesson.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Bird In The Orange Groves.

Once upon a time there was a little blue jay bird just sitting on a tree. This bird tried to fly but he couldn’t he broke his wing because he wasn’t paying attention and he was looking behind him and he crashed into an orange tree and broke his wing. I saw him and he looked pretty sad. He was all alone so I assume that he was lost. This little bird had no home, no friends, no family it was lost here in the orange groves. He tried to move around to go and find some of his family but they left him all alone. I had to leave because I was going to be late for curfew. I leave to go home but all I could think about is trying to save the little bird. The next day I went back to the orange groves and looked for the little bird, but he wasn’t there I searched around to see if he had tried to move even though his wing is broken. Next thing I see is the bird on the floor. I remembered thinking that the bird had a broken wing and that he couldn’t move. I picked him up and showed him to my house parent’s. They told me to go to the office and tell them so that they could take the bird to the vet. So they did I wanted to go but I couldn’t. Later on the next day they drove me to the vet and I saw the bird it was all better and he had a little cast on his wing. Later on that day they asked me if I could have the bird and I said YES…! Ever since then I have loved this bird.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Mom Flashback.

It was a regular night.  I just come home from Volleyball practice to take a shower, eat, and then do my homework. My housemates were all hanging out in the living room just watching TV. Others were outside dealing with their nonsense. Unlike everyone else I was doing homework and trying to get my grades together. Christina comes in. She was selling Mexican candy. As soon as Cristina walked in with the candy I remembered that my mom always used to get me and my bothers Mexican candy when she got back from wherever she was at. Everyone was buying candy. Basically everyone in the house reminded me of my brothers. And Christina reminded me of my mom.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Special Animal.

A. Describe a special relationship you had with an animal.
When I used to live with my cousin in seventh grade we used to have a dog named Lucy. Every time I came home from school she would run to me and lay down so that I can pet her belly. Lucy is very intelligent, I would be sitting in the living room and I would go feed her. She wouldn’t eat until I told her to go and eat. In other words, I would feed her and she would follow me back to where I was. So I had to tell her “Lucy go eat your food.” And she would actually go and eat her food, when I told her to. If I would be sad Lucy would come to my room and lay down on my bed with me. [By the way Lucy is potty trained.] She would look at me with her eyes as she was sad with me. Lucy is such a good friend.