Friday, July 29, 2011

Research Paper Final Draft.

Griselda S
July 29, 2011
Period 2
Research Paper

Her Fashion Sense    When people think of Audrey Hepburn they think of what a great actress she was. Audrey was born Audrey Kathleen Ruston on the 4 of May, 1929 in Ixelles, in Belgium. She was the only child of Joseph Victor Anthony Ruston. He was an English banker from Ireland. Her mother was a Dutch baroness, Ella can Heemstra. Growing up Audrey was a ballet dancer, and she loved to act. Her first starring role was in “Roman Holiday.” She was more than just an actress, in the 50’s. She was also a humanitarian, and an icon. She liked fashion, but she never cared so much for it. So, how did Audrey Hepburn make fashion popular?

    First thing you have to do in order to make anything popular is you have to get inspired, but in Audrey’s case she influenced many people. According to they say, “Many of her clothes were inspired by the look of men's wear.” This being said shocked most people. Her styles of dresses were used in her films which were influenced by the fashion period as her clothes and accessories were widely imitated. Audrey’s wardrobe was known as a work of art.

    Audrey became famous so fast; people had a lot to say about her. People were amazed with Audrey fashion sense. Audrey captured the imagination of millions of other women and to this day it still continues to have an impact. According to “the media made her stand out, which was exactly what she was trying to avoid.” She didn't want to be so popular, so known; she wanted to remain hidden. Media also, says that for most of her life, she had a love-hate relationship with food. They thought she had anorexia because of how thin she was. The media always has something to say.

    Audrey could do it all. She was a ballet dancer, and actress, and she spoke many different languages fluently. Audrey made fashion popular by being who she was. Audrey once said, “I never think of myself as an icon. What is in other peoples minds is not in my mind. I just do my thing.” She like to be unique, she liked others to try and figure her out. According to she was a style ground-breaker, she looked like herself and yet that made her a new type of beauty. Her design was mixed with her own spunky flair. Audrey was claimed to be fashionable in years to come.

    Audrey remains one of the most beautiful women of all time. She influenced others, had great fashion sense and others viewed her as an icon. To the end of her short life, Audrey Hepburn was all about sleekness and sophistication in fashion. Trends come and go, but the Audrey Hepburn style remains popular.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Romeo & Juliet Acts 4 & 5 Content Paragraph - Deaths

Romeo and Juliet died because they were stupid, also because of human errors. Romeo was banished, and Juliet was upset so she drank this potion that would put her in a coma for a few days, so that people will think she was dead, but instead when she wakes up she will be with Romeo. In order for Romeo to know this they had to send him a letter to tell him that Juliet is putting up an act, but because of human errors it didn’t reach him in time. Instead some guy thought that Juliet was really dead, and told Romeo before he got the letter. Romeo then went to the city where he was banished and found Juliet in her coma. Romeo was so upset so he poisoned himself to be with Juliet. Moments later Juliet wakes up from her coma and finds Romeo dead next to her. Juliet was so sad so, she tried drinking the leftover potion from Romeo but there was none left, as a replacement for that she stabbed herself. If the letter reached him in time none of this would have ever happened.

“Romeo & Juliet” Love Letter – Acts 4 & 5

Dear Romeo,
Today I went to go see fryer Lawrence, he said that he had some poison for me to take so that it can put in a coma for a day or tow. Also, I went to see my parents and apologized them. I just kept saying I was sorry. Romeo when time came I took potion, then I fell asleep later I woke you were next to me, dead. Oh how I love you. Romeo, I never knew you would risk your own life for me. I fail to notice that I miss you so much. I can't stand being without you. I will always know that we are each others.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

True or Forbidden Love

I think that Romeo and Juliet don’t truly love each other; furthermore, I don’t think they just like the idea doing something that is not allowed. Romeo and Juliet just like each other that is it. When Romeo first saw Juliet he was only physically attracted to her, in other words he thinks Juliet is attractive. Also, it’s the same thing with Juliet. To me love is out of the question. To love someone you have to obviously first actually know them. In this situation I would really have to think about getting married. Romeo and Juliet falling in love really means nothing, because that is not “love,” its no where near true love.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

“Romeo & Juliet” Love Letter – Act 2

Dear Romeo,
Wow, Romeo I could never be so happy. I am the luckiest girl in the world.  I can't believe we just got married. Everything was nice but I wonder what would happen if my family knew we got married. Hmm I wonder when they will find out. They would probably kill me. I just don’t understand why. Romeo, whatever happens doesn’t matter, we love each other. Yes, we can’t keep a secret forever, but I think the nurse or the fryer might go out and spill our beautiful news. Oh handsome Romeo, I hope for us to be together forever.

“Romeo & Juliet” Love Letter – Act 1

Dear Romeo,
I was at the ball the other day and I just wanted to say that you should forget all about Rosaline. Yes, I know we cant be togther because I'm a Montuge and your a Capulete but, I love you. Romeo we are good for each other. When we first started talking I never would of known that your family is our enemy.  Oh Romeo, I'm so confused.  My crazy cousin is always starting  fights with your family.  Our parents despise each other. Don't you feel like nothing ever seems to be going right. I think our love can overcome all of these obsdtacles.  I hop to see you again.

Romeo and Juliet – Conflict in Verona and San Diego

Some conflicts that exist in Verona that could take place in San Diego today would be the typical arguing. Also, the fighting(physically), between first the men and then the whole family gets involved. Also, Romeo was being sad over Rosemary, who apparently doesn't like him. Last, but not least Juliette is supposed to get married to the Prince. She's not happy or sad about getting married at thirteen, she just accepted the situation. The whole Romeo and Julitte love thing, is relevant in modern life because there is always someone that you are going to like and that person may not feel the same for you, which in my perspective thinks that happens for a reason.

Friday, July 15, 2011

"American History" Graphic Organizer

Kennedy Nonfiction: Before You Read - Primary or Secondary Source

I would rather read a primary source book about fascinating crime because its original. It's the firsthand account of an event. Also, it directs the thoughts of the writer thoroughly. It also expresses the feeling and emotions whether they were true or not. Furthermore, it included many details that an eyewitness can provide. For example, the diary of Anne Frank I have already read this story. Anne wrote down everything she felt, saw, thought into her diary. All the suffrering was wrote down in specific details. Primary and secondary sources are important they tell you where all your information is.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

"Romeo & Juliet" Before You Read (Presentation & Notes)

Who was William Shakesphere? William Shakesphere was a beautiful poet and a play writer, and actor. He began writing plays when he was about 24 years old. More importantly he put many words that we commonly use today into the English language. He also, put them down in writing for the first time ever. If he didn't do this we would never have Romeo and Juliette, The Taming of The Shrew or words like elbow or helicopter, and many other amazing things. This topic is important because he created hundreds of words that we use every day plus he wrote stories that people still read and study today

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

"American History" Content Paragraph.

I think that Elena should have been more upset about Kennedy's death rather than not going to Eugene's house. For example, this is something that is going to impact her life in so many ways and for her to be a little brat and care more for her friend is kind of selfish. Then again she is a litle girl so thats how kids should act. Also the moms didnt care so they were also being selfish. Elena later told her mother that she was going to a friend's house to study, she explained that she knew where she was going and she also said "you are heading for humiliation and pain. " Meaning that she should have been more thoughtful of the situation. History can  impact characters because later on in the stroy towards the end, Elena thought more about Kennedy's death than about herself.

Monday, July 11, 2011

“American History” Experience with Discrimination

I was at the gym watching the girl’s basketball game with some friends and I was offensively discriminated against being a foster kid. We were just sitting in the back of the bleachers and we were having a good time. During the third quarter of the basketball game one of the girls swatted the ball from the other team, that girl fell to the floor knocking down the referee with her. I stared to laugh a little but I wasn’t being rude or anything. There was an old lady sitting a few seats away from us and she came up to us and start to say that we have no manners and that we are the way we are because we are foster kids. This experience made me feel bad for the old lady because she was being stereotypical and people shouldn’t judge as belonging to a group instead of each person being there own person.

Summer School Plan

During these days of summer school In order to be successful,  I will have to learn not to fail any more classes. Also, I will need to learn how to focus on turning in my assignments. And just passing ms. Priester's classs. One example I can learn not fail is to do everything I can to turn in the assiignments on time. Also, passing Ms. Priesters class so that I wont have to do it later like the seniors in our class.

Friday, July 8, 2011

"The Gift of the Magi" Before You Read: Prized Possession

If you could save just one item from a disaster—a fire, a flood, an earthquake— it would be my brother's letter. Its important to me because he is not alive anymore. His letter is up on my wall and I look at it everyday before I go to school. Also, he was sort of my care taker. He put on my dipers on. He named me.  He also took care of me up until I was 7. He loved me deeply, and so did I. When I am older and have my own house or apartment I can put in my house. Its the most important thing I have with me.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Irony & Ambiguity Assessment Project

Theme Assessment Project

Breanna R.&Griselda S.
Period 2 English

"The Sniper & Cranes"
Normally, stories of war do not involve enemies who know each other nor are friends. In the stories “The Sniper” and “Cranes,” the themes are alike because they both emphasize the importance of friendship over war. However, both themes are expressed differently in the stories. The message both authors convey through their stories is war tears families and friends apart.

In “The Sniper,” a sniper kills his enemy, who happens to be another sniper. However, it turns out to be his brother. Both stories are about war, but in the story, one sniper has to choose between loosing his life and killing the enemy. The sniper makes a decision of following through with his duty. The sniper changes because he finally figures out that killing people isn't the way. Once he shot him he was happy but then he “revolted his from the sight of the shattered mass of his dead enemy” (214). He felt guilty and remorseful. The author’s message is war destroys families.

“Cranes,” is another story that demonstrates the cruelty of war. Songsam, one of the main characters, has to “escort” Tokchae “to Chongdan” (222). While they are walking together, they talk about the memories they had in the past. It is then that Songsam reconsiders his duty as a peace police officer. Ultimately, he lets Tokchae go, so he does not lose someone he really cares about. Songsam unties Tokchae and crawled away. Songsam made the right decision because Tokchae is his childhood friend and he would have lost him. Family and friends matter more than the war. One’s duty to ones work cannot replace family or friends.

In both stories, the main characters are conflicted between choosing family and friend over war. These stories are the same because of the two conflicts they have as their main point of view. Both main characters are into a conflict in were they would have to lose a member of their life. As the story goes to an end, they both realize at one point that they were inflicted with an important person in their family.

Friday, July 1, 2011

The Gisft of Magi Graphic Organizer

Theme Graphic Organizer for Cranes

“The Skull and the Arrow” Content Paragraph: In the Cave

So I see this cave in the distance and I have been beaten badly, and nearly died. Then I see a big dark cave in the night when it’s raining. I don’t think twice about going in the cave. When I walked inside it was bigger than it seemed. I was looking around the cave and it was rocky, it was oddly shaped so the rain couldn’t get through. I have to wait until the rain clears up and decide my next move. Then I'm thinking about if there is a road or camp ground nearby. All of this will just have to wait until it has stopped raining.

"The Skull and the Arrow" Graphic Organizer