Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Family Fued.

A family feud that I was in was when I got four “F’s” on my report card in sixth grade. I had the worst time I have ever got into an argument with my cousin. I’m coming home from school knowing that report cards come out and that my cousin in a freak about me going to college and having good grades. Basically he wants me to be a good kid and that our family can be HAPPY! I’m home know and my cousin has a mad look on his face and he slams the report card on the table. Honestly I don’t care about grades at all its only sixth grade. Anyway he keeps yelling at me and all I do is curse at him. I leave the room pissed. I go in my room and close the door as hard as I can. Next thing I hear is him running into my room. He slams the door open and he keeps yelling at me. At this point I'm crying and he stops talking and leaves the room. He doesn’t like it when I cry. Later that day around night time he comes in my room but he knocks I let him in he says I’m sorry I just wan to the best for you, I love you. Ever since then he has been calmer with things.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Chilean Minors Rescue.

The Chilean Miners Rescue is frightening. Honestly, I would go mad if I was stuck there underground. Also it’s very superior that all thirty-three minors were saved. I kind of don’t understand why they were rescued so late. Sixty-nine days underground with nothing to eat, drink, or anything must have been years for me. A few things that has happened while they were two-thousand feet underground was that masses of journalists  from all over the world came to witness the rescue. Furthermore, while they were trapped, every single man underground was going to get free job offers, when they were able to get away freely.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

“Autobiographical Narrative Reflection"

Honestly I didn’t so that well on my essay. I didn’t really try my best considering I only did my essay in three days. I didn’t even try I just wrote whatever came in mind. I also didn’t get it peer edited, adult edited, and all that. I deserve whatever Ms. Priester gives me. Three things that I can do differently are that I could work on my essay instead of rushing at the last minute. Second I can get it edited by people so that they can help me get a better grade and improve my writing skills. Third, I can try better and put more enthusiasm in it. Ms. Priester is doing everything that she possibly can do to help me.

"Social Worker"

Sunday, October 3, 2010

9/11 Paragraph

Jen was on her way going to school, eating breakfast you know the normal things people do before going to school, putting make up on. Her friends’ boyfriend called her on the phone and said turn on the TV America is being attacked. She turned it on and she saw the second plane go in and then saw the towers crumble on the TV. Jen tried to wake up her boyfriend at the time where she lived. He was asleep and didn’t understand what was going on. Jen also said everyone started calling each person that they new to see if they were OK and if they had more information than what the TV was talking about. She was terrified and didn’t know what to do.

Dog Star Timeline.

In the story, “Dog Star” by Arthur C. Clarke, it seems that the narrator regrets leaving to the moon and leaving Laika behind. For example, the narrator says in the text “I had deserted someone who loved and trusted me.” This show’s that he cared so much for Laika and the fact that she died made him feel sorry. Another example is that in the text it says, “Though I never forgot Laika, in a little while the memory ceased to hurt.”
That means that even though he was on the moon he missed Laika and it hurt him that she’s had died no little than a month. In my opinion I feel that Laika felt sad without the narrator she had no concern for anything after he left. As a result of moving to the moon, the narrator’s life changed, because in the last sentence of the last paragraph in the last page of the book he says “Yet sometimes I wake now in the silence of the moon,… so that I could have looked in those luminous brown eyes brimming with and unselfish, undemanding love that I have found nowhere else on this or any other world.
He really loved Laika.He did regret leaving her.

Get a Voki now!

Get a Voki now!

"My Memorable Day's"

1.      For my 13th birthday I went out with my friends roller-skating, it was a very special day for me.
2.      When I was seven I got taken away from my mom and older brothers.
3.      When I used to live in Los Angeles I went to Disneyland one day and we Nicole Richie there.
4.      The first time I ever got suspended from school was when I was in 5th grade.
5.      I remember everything that happened the FIRST day that I came to SPA :(
6.      When I was 12 my brother had died
7.      When I graduated from elementary school I was so excited to go to middle school.
8.      When I got my first dog I was in 3rd grade.
9.      The first time I ever went to Mexico was when I was 8.
10.  When my “husband” Julian Casablanca’s from the band The Strokes got married.---------------------------->