Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Cruela De Vil v.s General Zaroff.

The name of my villain is Cruela De Vill. Basically Cruela is all about stealing puppies. The way she plans her next moves are very wise. She cut’s their fur off to make clothes with them. General Zaroff is all about playing games. For example, he likes to hunt. He also is very sneaky; he likes to lure people into his mind by playing his game to surviving on the island. Cruela and General Zaroff are similar because they both are cruel first of all. Second, they are both extremely sneaky. Third, they both work solo. In other words they both don’t have a sidekick. They are different because Cruela like’s to go after animals and General Zaroff goes after humans. I say that Cruela De Vill is more evil than General Zaroff.

Spongebob Plot Diagram

Sunday, August 29, 2010

"The Most Dangerous Game" Sequel

I personally think that Rainsford won the game. He didn’t get killed he just ended up In general Zaroff’s bed. I think that Rainsford should kill General Zaroff to keep the Island to himself. If Rainsford did that, which would mean that he would get all the food to himself. He could go swimming on the island. He could basically do whatever he wanted to. He lives in General Zaroff’s house so he called people and told them to go to island. A few days later his friends arrive. Lennon, a man in his mid thirty’s. John, an old looking man. Last but not least, Anthony a young fellow with red hair. They all hang out in Rainsford’s house they begin to talk and all of a sudden they get into and argument. They all try to kill each other. Anthony kills Lennon first. The last ones on the island are John and Rainsford. They are going at it for a bout 5 days now. Rainsford is at the far end of the island. Rainsford doesn’t know that John is following him from behind. John gets Rainsford and stabs him. Now John is the only one on the island

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Most Dangerous Game.

A.) Pretend you are Rainsford.
Rainsford’s decision is to look for people on the island. Also, he finds evidence of empty cartridges which people use for guns to go hunting with. He follows hunter’s footprints to a house. Then he startles into a large animal. If I was Rainsford I wouldn’t be looking for things on the island. I may never now if someone sees me then they could possibly kill me because I’m on there island. Obviously I found cartridges that would mean these people on the island have guns. I would take one of the guns just in case if something tries to attack me. In other words I would be able to kill it.Next, I would follow these footsteps to a house. I would observe the house and see if I could try to find help. That’s what I would do instead of what Rainsford did.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Would You Ever Go Hunting?

First of all I would never go hunting. Why? In my opinion, I love animals dearly. I would hate to be in their position, to be shot down, for no reason but to be used for fur or to be eaten. Also I am a young adult so that would be illegal to go hunting and shoot things. Hunters should shoot a target or skeet instead of animals.On top of that it’s bad for the environment because these animals such as turkey, deer, cows,they can become extinct. Then what are hunters going to kill then? Humans maybe? Who knows? This is why I do not agree with hunting. It’s very cruel.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Fascinating Villan!

A fascinating villan that I like is Cruella De Vill. Basically this movie is about a lady who a fashion designer is named Anita. She falls in love with a guy named Roger, a computer tech-guy. They end getting married. They both have Dalmatian dogs, Perdita and Pongo. Later on in the movie these beautiful dogs get kidnapped by Anita’s boss which would happen to be the big bad Cruella De Vill. Cruella is kidnapping young innocent puppies to make coats with their fur. Roger and Anita’s dogs go out to look for the puppies to rescue them. The puppies are being captive by Cruella helpers which would be Horace and Jasper.

T.v show Spongebob

On Spongebob Squarepant’s there was an episode that Spongebob lost his pet snail named Gary. The beginning started of with Spongebob trying to win a contest and he ends up winning a package. Spongebob plays endless hours with his new toy and forgets all about Gary. Gary feels that Spongebob doesn't want him anymore so he decides to run away. A week has past by and Spongebob finally realizes that Gary is gone. He goes crazy trying to find him. Spongebob posts pictures of Gary saying that he is missing, he needs to be found and returned to him. In the middle of the story Gary is found by an old lady and she takes him home. She stuffs Gary with a lot of junk food. Gary sees a picture of something and it reminds him of Spongebob.Gary feels a little home sick and decides to go back home. At the end Spongebob finds him and they go home happily ever after. THE END!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Yesturday we had velloeyball practice and it was HORRIBLE!! I was getting fustrated with everything thats going on in my at this moment and it was getting in the way of me playing volleyball. All I kept thinkin during practice was all this stuff that I shouldn't have to think about. Usually I thought playing volleyball gets my mind off things but actually it didnt. I sucked yesterday I couldnt hit the ball right like I usually do. I just kept messing up BADLY. but toward the end I really got my head together and I made a few hits.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Most Memorable Birthday Party I've Been To.

The day started of super fun I woke up went to school. When I arrived to school all my friends had brought birthday hats and balloons and silly string. Everything was so nice. We sang Happy Birthday to her before school started and she was very happy. I was excited for the night because she was having a House Party. The whole day was AWESOME! Later that day when school was over all of us went to her house and spent the night. Around 8:00 everyone stared to arrive and we all had a great time. That was one of the best birthday's I've ever been to.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Six Questions In Devastation In Pakistan

1. Who is the president of Pakistan?
The President of Pakistan is Asif Ali Zardari.

2. What problems have recent monsoon rains caused in Pakistan?
In Pakistan they had a landslide in the North. Also, The water levels have been raising.

3. Where in the country have people been hard-hit by the rains and flooding?

4.When was the last major natural disaster in Pakistan?
The last Major disaster in Pakistan was in 2005.

5.Why are aid workers having trouble reaching the affected areas?
They were having trouble reaching the affected area’s because they were traveling by foot, or they rode on donkeys.

6.How many people have been affected, and killed, in the current disaster in Pakistan? Six million people have been affected by the disaster. Also 1,500 people have died.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

25 Most Random Things

1.Lizbeth and I have a super long handshake that we do every time we see each other. Which is everyday.
2.In my spare time I like to draw animals in other animal bodies. I’m kind of like Napoleon, from the movie Napoleon Dynamite.
3.When I was in second grade my dream job was to be a ninja.
4.I love to sing in the shower, especially in the dark. If you haven't tried it I say you should it’s fun!!
5.When I’m bored I read scary stories, with friends. It’s funny how they get scared.
6.I can’t sit in one spot for a while. I feel hyper. I always have to be moving around.
7.I can be really good natured, I care about people so much.
8.I’m very blunt about things, I like to be truthful.
9.I like to write about anything that’s on my mind.
10.I am very open about things, what’s on my mind I say it.
11.When it’s night time I always fall asleep on one side.
12.Sometimes I look at a picture or a drawing then I close my eyes shut, and try to study the image in my mind.
13.Making prank calls is one of my favorite things to do.
14.I like to burn things with a magnifying glass, I love the way it looks.
15.When I am at a store I take one of the shopping carts and drive people around in them.
16.When I’m outside at night i hate finding bugs on me, freaks me out!
17.I have a bad habit of biting my nails.
18.I put a hole in my sweaters so I can hide my headphone cords.
19.I have a block shaped tan on my feet, from my flats.
20.I like to draw on other people’s stomachs.
21.I like to look up random phrases in different languages.
22.Hate watching girly drama filled shows, but I watch them anyways.
23.I like to decorate my room with cut outs of magazines.
24.I have an obsession with fairys, because they have wings.
25.I like to take pictures of the sunset, it’s beautiful.
26.When I am crossing a street I close my eyes and pretend it's a cliff. It’s scary!
27.When I am at school I stare off in space.
28.When i talk to my mom she always tells me, “Love you bye” when shes done talking to me. I got so hooked on it so when I talk to my friends I think I'm talking to my mom so I say “Love you bye.” ugh it annoys me.
29.When I'm at the mall I talk in Spanish so that others look at me and think I’m crazy.
30.When I go to See’s Candies I ALWAYS take a bunch of samples.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Embarressing Moments

It was a typical weekend at our house. We wanted to go on a food run, but the sad thing was that girls can’t drive with male staff. So we had to search for a girl staff to take us, but we couldn’t find one. Also there’s this other rule which is you can drive with two male staff so we took Brannon and Nick, Girls six and Seven house parent’s. They took us
to McDonalds and as soon as we got there I wanted to order something. When the person on the ordering machine asked what would I like from McDonalds I said, “How much is your dollar cheeseburger.” Then everyone started to laugh and my cheeks got so red, but at the same time I was laughing. What I meant to say was, “How much is your dollar cheeseburger WITH tax.” I felt so mortified, but everyone makes mistakes and everyone gets embarrassed.

Monday, August 9, 2010

The Weekend

During the weekend I went on pass with my Aunt. I used to live with her when I was in second and third grade. So, every time I go over there I see all my friends from a long time ago. Last week I was so anxious to see the movie "Step Up 3D" because I loved the first and second one. Other than that I went to the Beach on Saturday. At first, my cousins and my friends were telling me that they’ve been hearing on the news that there are Jellyfish and they might sting you. So I was a little afraid to go in. Either way I still got in and had a blast!! Sunday was just a regular day, hung out at the house and brought friends over. Sometimes it sucks knowing the fact that I have to go back to my prison with no bars. And now I’m here typing this blog.