Thursday, October 27, 2011

Academic Language Practice Paragaph 10

Doctors are people who CONSENT, and do everything they can to help you not to be sick anymore. Right? Therefore, doctors should be allowed to help critically ill patients end all their pain and suffering. People, who don’t agree, EMPHASIZE that it’s terrible for these ill people but it’s really not. For example, let’s say we have a cat and that cat has a severe heart disease. The doctor says it’s going to die in a few days. Not doing anything, is just going to spend its few day in CRITERIA and pain. So, that’s why doctors should help and let it passes on peacefully. As a result, doctor should be allowed to do this.

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Dia de los Muertos, Pick a Person

I plan to make a Dia de los Muertos altar about the marvelous Brittany Anne Murphy-Monjack otherwise know as Brittany Murphy. Brittany was very talented she could model, sing and act. Brittany was born in Georgia in 1977 and died in Los Angeles of 2009. She was known for having pneumonia. She was very thin, thin to the point where there were rumors about a “cocaine addiction.” We may never know if it’s true or not because there is no proof but she says that she has never done or seen that. A few things that I might include in my altar are that she can do some many things at once and yet still be superior. I selected Brittany because like I said, she was extremely talented and has so much faith.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Academic Language Practice Paragaph 9

Kids and people in general love eating junk food; therefore it’s not a requirement to have it banned. People have the right to eat whatever they want. Also, people make a lot of money by having junk food around. For example, it’s like cigarettes, its bad for people but they won’t make it illegal because it makes good money. Junk food isn’t such a bad thing compared to murder or something; I mean its just food. People have more self control and know how to manage things. Also, if someone misses breakfast or lunch they can just go and get something from the vending machine, and for that reason junk food must not be banned.

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Academic Language Practice Paragaph 8

I believe that the Ten Commandments do not belong in school at all. Religion and school are to different things. Kids come to school to learn about math, science, and so on. To make things easier we can just CATEGORIZE things like, if we needed to learn about the Ten Commandments then you could go to church or something like that, you know. People in some school do CONSUME for people to know about it and that’s ok but when they play the preacher ROLE isn’t cool since they are basically forcing religion down your throat. As a result I hope that in the future people could have some sort of agreement on this and not get offended or anything.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Biographical Narratives: Housemates Character Traits

A’janae is an eighth grader and is organized because has things in a certain way.
Aloh is a junior and is very talented because she can do so many things.
Chelsea is also a junior and is very amusing because she is funny.
Brook is a senior and is very loving because she cares a lot for things.
Jacinta is also a senior and is athletic because she’s good a t sports
Natalie is senior and is quite because she’s new.

Biographical Narratives: Campus Adult Character Traits Competition

1.Genevieve, is a staff who is very strict because she takes her job to seriously.
  1. Vanessa, is a staff that is chill because she is young and understands us.
  2. Jen, is a staff that is understanding because she cares about children
  3. Janson is a house parent that is young hearted and relatable, she really cares about us.
  4. Francene, is a staff that is nice, but takes her job seriously at the right time
  5. Diane, is a staff that is very loving because she understands.
  6. Jorge, is a houseparent that is always eager to help us
  7. Emilia, is a houseparent that is funny and young hearted
  8. Miss Emily, who is a teacher is helpful because she helps students with reading.
  9. Thomas, is a house parents and he there for you and understand what you’re going through.
  10. Mr. Beedle, is a teacher that super cool because hes giving
  11. Veronica, is a staff that is extremely involved and helps with anything she can. She does more than the expected staff.
  12. Anita, is there for you when you need to talk to someone about something.  
  13. Tia, a campus director who is very mean because she is rude.
  14. Ms. Priester, is an awesome teacher because she is loving and kind hearted.
  15. Mrs. Raquel, is there for you when you need help with your work.
  16. Wayne Is there for you when you need talk to someone about something and he understand you and where you come from.
  17. Mr. Kruger is a history teacher who takes his job very seriously.

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Dia de los Muertos - Article Summary

Dia de los muertos stared of in Mexico and migrated everywhere else. It is believed that this is the time where those who have passed away are allowed to return to earth to visit with their families and friends. This time, on November 1 and 2, people honor those who have died. On this day they usually prepare special foods, and make or give candy. It’s a way of paying respect to those who have left us. Someone once said that “Death is apparent in everyday life. It is in art and even in children's toys. It is not respected as it is in other cultures.” I have lost so many close members; therefore to me there isn’t anything more precious to have a day all about them.[♥]

Monday, October 10, 2011

Internet Safety Project - Public or Private Profile

Kids now a day’s must have their profiles set on private. Since teens are now at the age where they are staring to go out and able to do things a little bit more freely, they are most likely to be targeted by someone who wants to do something bad to them. Besides, not everything that you put on a social website is meant for the public. So by keeping the setting private makes everything you post safe. Also, for identity theft, by keeping your information private no one will be able to get into your stuff and mess things up. Furthermore, it’s also for stealing and for pretending to be someone else, and plus that’s totally illegal. In future I hope everyone will change their profile as private.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Dragons Den 7: Would You Rather?

 I would rather get caught singing in the mirror than spying on my “crush.” Simply because I’m too old to be wasting my time spying on someone. Spying on people really isn’t fun because it’s so embarrassing when someone catches you then it’s just extremely weird. Then you don’t know what to say or do, talk about awkward. Besides, I would love for someone to catch me singing only because I have a super bad voice, so I think that would be hilarious. Plus, I’d rather not get caught licking a telephone or eating hair so compared to this its not so bad. Therefore, In the future I really hope someone catches me and my terrible voice.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Academic Language Practice Paragaph 7

The popularity in vampire movies are ridiculous and will eventually fade away. Right? Majority of people don’t like vampire movies because they are lame and vampires are definitely not real. Plus, there are so many other types of genres that people like. Also, people don’t like them because it doesn’t catch their attention For example, like most followers who like vampire’s may only like them because other people think its “cool.” Luckily, there will be a new trend for them to move onto.In addition, they don’t like them because people like reading a “good book” and not watching a terrible movie, therefore its totally reasonable.

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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

“Two Kinds” Character Analysis Paragraph

In the story “Two Kinds” Jing-mei is a typical ignorant little girl. Her mother thinks of her as unappreciative, due to lack of interest in her culture. Jin-mei acted just the way she was supposed to, I mean if you don’t want to something then you shouldn’t have to be forced to. Jing Mei’s “Peter pan hair cut” was something that made her stand out from all the other Chinese girls. Also, she thought she could get away with playing the piano, because her teacher was blind and that made her sneaky in way. She always felt that her mother was trying to force ethnicity on her as well. So, Jing-mei is like classic person she’s stubborn, and shows no gratitude and that’s ordinary.

Monday, October 3, 2011

"Two Kinds" Mother-Daughter Conflict

In the conflict between Jing-mei and her mother, Jing-mei is right. The mother is supposed to be supportive. A good mother is not supposed to force her child to do something she doesn’t want to so. In addition, it’s even worse because the mother doesn’t even have a good enough excuse for Jing-mei playing the piano. Plus, the reason is so that the mom can brag to her friend Lindo Jong, about how good Jing-mei is "good" at piano, because her friend’s daughter is a chess champion. Jing-mei should learn to stick up for herself because if her own mother can run all over her then anyone will.

Plot Diagram for "Two Kinds"

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Dragons' Den First Semester Week 6: Campus Donations

The people who donated money and other supplies to us, couldn’t be any more generous. It’s so pleasant to have someone care for us, like they do. There’s so many other things those people can do but they rather offer these wonderful things to us.  Whenever I see them again I will obviously say how much I appreciate them. There’s nothing more precious then telling someone thank you. Some people now a day’s take things for granted, but in reality we all know that others don’t have what we have and to me I couldn’t be more thankful.