Monday, May 2, 2011

President Obama’s Big Announcement.

To learn about Osama bin Laden’s death, I read an article online.  I learned that this might not be the end for Osama and Al Qaeda. First, US troops attacked him in his house along with his family. Main mission was to kill Osama. He used his wife as a human shield to protect himself. Next, the troops shot him in the face.  Then, they kept his body and DNA tested him to identify that that was him and not someone else. Finally, under Islamic regulation they needed to burry him within 24 hours. Now, I now that Al Qaeda is trying attack us. News, says to stay in the house and to be cautious.

  Now that I have read/watched the news, I predict that crazy things are going to happen. Al Qaeda can be anywhere; they might already be here in the US, trying to blend in with us. One thing I predict is that were going to get bombed!  I think this will happen because the Middle East has insane nuclear bombs that are super powerful. Another thing I predict is that they might declare a war.  I think this will happen because what else are they going to do. They already hate us the next step would be war. I hope that everyone would just make peace, and none of this stuff ever comes true.


  1. I dotn understand thuse you didnt do a good job buis not becat it sounds good.

  2. Good Job Griselda, I agree with you that many things are going to start happening and that people should be cautious.

  3. Nicely done, I like everything that you inferred in your paragraphs.