Monday, July 11, 2011

“American History” Experience with Discrimination

I was at the gym watching the girl’s basketball game with some friends and I was offensively discriminated against being a foster kid. We were just sitting in the back of the bleachers and we were having a good time. During the third quarter of the basketball game one of the girls swatted the ball from the other team, that girl fell to the floor knocking down the referee with her. I stared to laugh a little but I wasn’t being rude or anything. There was an old lady sitting a few seats away from us and she came up to us and start to say that we have no manners and that we are the way we are because we are foster kids. This experience made me feel bad for the old lady because she was being stereotypical and people shouldn’t judge as belonging to a group instead of each person being there own person.


  1. People just need to lighten up a little, nothing is that serious.

  2. I feel that people are just sterotypical and that they need to relax.