Monday, November 21, 2011

“’Typhoid Fever’– Present Tense Childhood Memory.”

It is five in the morning when I hear someone in the house making a lot of noise. It is one of my brothers. He is a big hurry, he was on his way to work. I rolled out of bed to see what he is doing and I sat next to him. He is sitting on the couch, trying to tie his shoes. And me being the little six year old that I am went and got my shoes and put them on with him. He asked me if i was willing to race him, to see who could put our shoes on first. I didn't know how to tie my shoes that well so he let me win. He picked me up and place me with my mom in bed. He gave me a kissed me on my forehead and left.

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  1. That's cute!! So what happened to your blog?
    It looks like a pinata exploded in there.