Monday, January 16, 2012

Dragons' Den First Semester Week 17: Free Choice

Street art has always been a big thing in my being. For me living in Los Angeles is the where street art and graffiti can be found all over the place and to me there’s nothing more beautiful than someone expressing their feeling with art. I know what you thinking, you’re probably thinking that I am all about vandalism and that’s not the case here. To me it’s more about just making art making something meaningful and being able to make your talent known. To also let each person see how beautiful it is and putting it up in public so that everyone can appreciate it as much as they do. Lastly, to make things clearer, I am not into gangs, tagging, or crews or any of those silly things. I am just simply in love with all types of art.

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  1. I also appreciate street art. This weekend, I drove down a street in Las Vegas that was lined with abandoned houses and businesses covered in murals. I know they will eventually be torn down, but they are currently much more interesting than just gray walls.