Wednesday, June 29, 2011

: “The Grandfather” Before Important Person

Someone who means a lot to me wold be my mom. I am extremely close with her. My mom is also really funny, shes my best friend. My moms not like other mom's shes one that I can tell everything to. Which I think is kind of rare. Shes important to me because, shes the one who brought me into this world. How could she not be important. Also she did a lot of things that helped me get through my life. In other words she gave me important lessons. My current relationship with my mom isn't all that great I don't see her as much as I used to. Occasionally, I would see her when I'm on pass. I  still talk to her on the phone, and I try to tell her things that go on so that she can help me out.


  1. Your post is unique because my mom can listen to anything I say.

  2. I like this post too. I can't talk to my mom about anything sov your lucky!