Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Biographical Narratives: Campus Adult Character Traits Competition

1.Genevieve, is a staff who is very strict because she takes her job to seriously.
  1. Vanessa, is a staff that is chill because she is young and understands us.
  2. Jen, is a staff that is understanding because she cares about children
  3. Janson is a house parent that is young hearted and relatable, she really cares about us.
  4. Francene, is a staff that is nice, but takes her job seriously at the right time
  5. Diane, is a staff that is very loving because she understands.
  6. Jorge, is a houseparent that is always eager to help us
  7. Emilia, is a houseparent that is funny and young hearted
  8. Miss Emily, who is a teacher is helpful because she helps students with reading.
  9. Thomas, is a house parents and he there for you and understand what you’re going through.
  10. Mr. Beedle, is a teacher that super cool because hes giving
  11. Veronica, is a staff that is extremely involved and helps with anything she can. She does more than the expected staff.
  12. Anita, is there for you when you need to talk to someone about something.  
  13. Tia, a campus director who is very mean because she is rude.
  14. Ms. Priester, is an awesome teacher because she is loving and kind hearted.
  15. Mrs. Raquel, is there for you when you need help with your work.
  16. Wayne Is there for you when you need talk to someone about something and he understand you and where you come from.
  17. Mr. Kruger is a history teacher who takes his job very seriously.

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