Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fourth Quarter Goals

My greatest accomplishment from last quarter was to at least get a C. I know that a sound like it’s not a big deal but, in order to achieve this goal I had to take baby steps. You have to learn how to crawl before you walk. I had an F in Ms. Priester’s class so to get a D I had to turn in some assignments. Hopefully this quarter I get an A or at least a B. First, I have to pay attention; because if I don’t then how will I know what my assignments are about. Second I have to turn in the assignment to get credit for doing it. Lastly, I have to go over it to see if I did it right, if not then I will have to waste time by doing it over again.


  1. Good Job. Keep up the good work

  2. Good post Griselda! I believe in you!!!!!!!! I know you can do it!!!