Wednesday, September 22, 2010

“My Input for Staff-Teacher Conferences”

I feel good about my grade so far. I mean I had A- but I haven't turned in a very important project which is my story bird. This project is worth 500 points. Lately my partner and I have been working on it. My strengths in this class are very good because I do my homework, occasionally I don’t but I try my best to turn it in. I don’t have any challenges, I pay attention, and I’m respectful towards you and my classmates. I hope to have an A in Ms. Priester’s class because I need to have and a in every class and anything’s possible if I try.


  1. That is so true if you try then you can reach what you are aiming for.

  2. Well done, you could of wrote more on those questions. Maybe you can go back and edit this post to make it better.