Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Ride Home.

Mimi was driving to drop her friend Celest off at her house. They just had left from work. She had got a text, but she was nearsighted. She wasn't wearing her reading glasses. She was thinking to herself that she had to focus on the road. She tried to put on her glasses to identify what someone had sent her. She had to maintain not trying to risk her life from not looking at the road, trying to multitask. Celest was sitting on the passenger seat. She was holding Mimi’s phone because she was using it to text some else. Her phone is broken. She looked over to see if the text was for her and apparently it want for her. Celest told Mimi that she should be sending people appropriate messages instead of sending people unsuitable mail. Mimi was trying to tell Celest that she needs to affect herself, to change. The conversation ended. Mimi dropped off Celest and ever since then she learned her lesson.

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