Sunday, September 26, 2010

"Favorite Character Interview."

1. What is your name?   
-My name is Jen S.

2. What is your favorite character in a movie or book?
-My favorite character is Jackie Pascal in the movie The House of Yes.

3. Describe your character in one word.
-Jackie is a very crazy person.

4. What is the character’s motivation?
-Her motivation is to be Jackie O.

5. Describe the character’s appearance.
-She thinks that she’s Jackie O, so she dresses like Jackie O,which is classy, hats, pearl necklaces, popular dresses that were in 60’ 70’s.

6. Name a few actions the character performs.
-She acts like Jackie O. She reenacts Jackie O after JFK's murder. She also attempt's to get between her brother and her brothers fiancé

7. What does the character think about?
-She thinks a lot about her brother and Jackie O.

8. What does the character say?
-Jackie is very sass.

9.Why do you like this character?
-She can do as many one liners as possible.

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