Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Chilean Minors Rescue.

The Chilean Miners Rescue is frightening. Honestly, I would go mad if I was stuck there underground. Also it’s very superior that all thirty-three minors were saved. I kind of don’t understand why they were rescued so late. Sixty-nine days underground with nothing to eat, drink, or anything must have been years for me. A few things that has happened while they were two-thousand feet underground was that masses of journalists  from all over the world came to witness the rescue. Furthermore, while they were trapped, every single man underground was going to get free job offers, when they were able to get away freely.


  1. Yes, this must have been a frightening experience. Isn't it unfortunate that something like this had to happen in order to get job offers?

  2. Very good job Griselda, but hurry up and catch up on missing work.