Sunday, October 3, 2010

Dog Star Timeline.

In the story, “Dog Star” by Arthur C. Clarke, it seems that the narrator regrets leaving to the moon and leaving Laika behind. For example, the narrator says in the text “I had deserted someone who loved and trusted me.” This show’s that he cared so much for Laika and the fact that she died made him feel sorry. Another example is that in the text it says, “Though I never forgot Laika, in a little while the memory ceased to hurt.”
That means that even though he was on the moon he missed Laika and it hurt him that she’s had died no little than a month. In my opinion I feel that Laika felt sad without the narrator she had no concern for anything after he left. As a result of moving to the moon, the narrator’s life changed, because in the last sentence of the last paragraph in the last page of the book he says “Yet sometimes I wake now in the silence of the moon,… so that I could have looked in those luminous brown eyes brimming with and unselfish, undemanding love that I have found nowhere else on this or any other world.
He really loved Laika.He did regret leaving her.


  1. This book is so boring

    1. Hhahaha You Funny.. Your just Lazy and Dont wanna read the story :)But I think You'll Like it though

  2. True story bro -_-

  3. I Love This story ^_^

  4. Sike LMBO!! But its actually a good story if you understand it. you'll actually like it though.. you'll have to read it about his flashback and stuff and like DO a chronological oder and your understand it much better :)

  5. really just be nice