Sunday, October 3, 2010

"My Memorable Day's"

1.      For my 13th birthday I went out with my friends roller-skating, it was a very special day for me.
2.      When I was seven I got taken away from my mom and older brothers.
3.      When I used to live in Los Angeles I went to Disneyland one day and we Nicole Richie there.
4.      The first time I ever got suspended from school was when I was in 5th grade.
5.      I remember everything that happened the FIRST day that I came to SPA :(
6.      When I was 12 my brother had died
7.      When I graduated from elementary school I was so excited to go to middle school.
8.      When I got my first dog I was in 3rd grade.
9.      The first time I ever went to Mexico was when I was 8.
10.  When my “husband” Julian Casablanca’s from the band The Strokes got married.---------------------------->


  1. You should write about your first day here at spa that seems to be probably the most interesting seeing how you adjusted here on your first day.

  2. Numbers 6 is really sad I sorry. But I like number 4 I just wonder how YOU got supened.

  3. I like number ten it's funny

  4. Hey in number three you should check your grammer.

  5. Number 10 made me smile :) One of my old friends is in LOVE with Julian, too! She also calls him her husband. :))

    To all who posted: Look over YOUR comments before posting them!