Tuesday, January 11, 2011

"The Grandfather" Important Person Paragraph

The person that significant to me is my mom. I chose a flower buttercup. The reason I chose this is because the five petals on the flower represent things about my mom. One similarity that my mom and the buttercup have in common is that she's funny. When someone tickles you with a flower it fells tingly, which make you want to laugh. The next one stands for caring. Sometimes people buy you flowers it shows you how much they care about you. Last but not least, it reminds me of my mom because its yellow and yellow represents happiness and joy. If I told my mom about this description I think she would love it.


  1. Aw how sweet. I remember when I met your mom and I remember when you met my mom. Oh those days when we were oh so young.

  2. Now that i think about it I wonder why you didnt write one about your brother instead.