Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Winter Break Narrative

For the second week of Christmas break I came back form pass to spend it with some of my house mates. The county social worker's gave us a two hundred dollar gift card to Wal Mart so we can get stuff that we need. I really didn't know what to get. I thought I had everything I needed. Chelsea, Jacinta, and I were at the food section, and Chelsea saw these things called Combos which are these pretzel things that taste like pizza. Then Jacinta saw them and they both started to get all loud and crazy about it. They were talking about how their mom used to buy them it when they were kids. Then we went home, Chelsea asked me if I ever eaten one of these things and I said no. She gave me one and we shared a moment, she was my first person to try Combos and know I'm in love with them.

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  1. Wow Griselda that sounded like the perfect moment. This is very good except you need ot spell check your writing alittle more. Other than that this is very good.