Wednesday, April 27, 2011

CST Testing Reflection.

First day of testing I wasn’t all that scared to take it. First we took the English test. I think the CST testing wasn’t all that hard, as our schoolteachers say it was. Actually, everyone has been stressing out about it. During the CST I just read all the questions and answers carefully and actually put my effort into it. Unlike these kids on campus, all they were saying is that they guessed and then went to sleep. I guess that’s why our school thinks were are “dumb” because of our low-test scores. If people actually tried our school would noticed that we are “smart.” The next day we had math. The math was easy at first but then a little tricky towards the end. I think I did an ok job. Either way testing wasn’t hard. I kind of liked it.


  1. Its good that you choose to use the tips. I think you did an awesome job.

  2. I agree with Pj good choice to use your testing skills.

  3. Griselda your blog is super big!! and you are a smart young lady !