Monday, April 11, 2011

UnGoogleable Research Paper Website Selection Reflection

Today in class I looked up diverse websites that could help me to get ready for my research paper. To search for websites, I used Qwiki, Sweet Search, True Knowledge, Hakia, World book, iSEEK, and Google wonder wheel. When I found a website related to my focus question, I got really excited because it could help me understand my focus question a lot better. I knew some of the websites I found were unacceptable because they showed many pop up ads, and I could tell that it was written poorly. I know the websites I selected are good because it was exactly what I needed to answer my focus question. Tomorrow, I expect that Ms. Priester will tell me to write a brainstorming chart, or outline.


  1. I also thought we were going to do and outline.

  2. Griselda, I'm happy to hear that you get excited by finding a great Website, and that you are using SweetSearch and several other search engines. My company created SweetSearch because we saw there was such a need for a search engine that only searches a narrow pool of qualified results. We use it all the time, but we also use lots of other search engines for every search, including some of the ones you listed. You are lucky to have a teacher that encourages you to do so; it is the only way to become a great researcher. And if you are a great researcher, then you have the ability to find the right answer to any question, which is an amazing ability to have.