Thursday, April 14, 2011

Free Choice Blog Post.

I had the greatest day today. On my way to court Jen (the staff) and I were talking about my "husband" Kid Cudi♥. I was talking to her about how I really really want to see him live at Nokia Theater in Los Angeles on June 20. She was telling me that I should tell my social worker about going. Later that day Jen saw my social worker while I was at school and told her about this amazing concert. I was expecting her to say no because she is really strict like that. Luckily, she said YES as long as I have a staff that is willing to go and watch over me. Also, I have to somehow raise half of the money, which is easy. I’m so excited because I grew up in downtown LA and it just makes feel so great because I get to be in my hometown and I get to see my husband!

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