Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Most Dangerous Game.

A.) Pretend you are Rainsford.
Rainsford’s decision is to look for people on the island. Also, he finds evidence of empty cartridges which people use for guns to go hunting with. He follows hunter’s footprints to a house. Then he startles into a large animal. If I was Rainsford I wouldn’t be looking for things on the island. I may never now if someone sees me then they could possibly kill me because I’m on there island. Obviously I found cartridges that would mean these people on the island have guns. I would take one of the guns just in case if something tries to attack me. In other words I would be able to kill it.Next, I would follow these footsteps to a house. I would observe the house and see if I could try to find help. That’s what I would do instead of what Rainsford did.

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  1. Thats sounds really smart, but how you have got a gun?