Wednesday, August 11, 2010

25 Most Random Things

1.Lizbeth and I have a super long handshake that we do every time we see each other. Which is everyday.
2.In my spare time I like to draw animals in other animal bodies. I’m kind of like Napoleon, from the movie Napoleon Dynamite.
3.When I was in second grade my dream job was to be a ninja.
4.I love to sing in the shower, especially in the dark. If you haven't tried it I say you should it’s fun!!
5.When I’m bored I read scary stories, with friends. It’s funny how they get scared.
6.I can’t sit in one spot for a while. I feel hyper. I always have to be moving around.
7.I can be really good natured, I care about people so much.
8.I’m very blunt about things, I like to be truthful.
9.I like to write about anything that’s on my mind.
10.I am very open about things, what’s on my mind I say it.
11.When it’s night time I always fall asleep on one side.
12.Sometimes I look at a picture or a drawing then I close my eyes shut, and try to study the image in my mind.
13.Making prank calls is one of my favorite things to do.
14.I like to burn things with a magnifying glass, I love the way it looks.
15.When I am at a store I take one of the shopping carts and drive people around in them.
16.When I’m outside at night i hate finding bugs on me, freaks me out!
17.I have a bad habit of biting my nails.
18.I put a hole in my sweaters so I can hide my headphone cords.
19.I have a block shaped tan on my feet, from my flats.
20.I like to draw on other people’s stomachs.
21.I like to look up random phrases in different languages.
22.Hate watching girly drama filled shows, but I watch them anyways.
23.I like to decorate my room with cut outs of magazines.
24.I have an obsession with fairys, because they have wings.
25.I like to take pictures of the sunset, it’s beautiful.
26.When I am crossing a street I close my eyes and pretend it's a cliff. It’s scary!
27.When I am at school I stare off in space.
28.When i talk to my mom she always tells me, “Love you bye” when shes done talking to me. I got so hooked on it so when I talk to my friends I think I'm talking to my mom so I say “Love you bye.” ugh it annoys me.
29.When I'm at the mall I talk in Spanish so that others look at me and think I’m crazy.
30.When I go to See’s Candies I ALWAYS take a bunch of samples.


  1. Wow, you seem really random, but you shouldn't bite your nails it's a bad habit and at the end they look all ugly.

  2. Hey griselda... hey,hey,hey COOKIE MONSTER is mine!!!!:P