Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Cruela De Vil v.s General Zaroff.

The name of my villain is Cruela De Vill. Basically Cruela is all about stealing puppies. The way she plans her next moves are very wise. She cut’s their fur off to make clothes with them. General Zaroff is all about playing games. For example, he likes to hunt. He also is very sneaky; he likes to lure people into his mind by playing his game to surviving on the island. Cruela and General Zaroff are similar because they both are cruel first of all. Second, they are both extremely sneaky. Third, they both work solo. In other words they both don’t have a sidekick. They are different because Cruela like’s to go after animals and General Zaroff goes after humans. I say that Cruela De Vill is more evil than General Zaroff.

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