Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Would You Ever Go Hunting?

First of all I would never go hunting. Why? In my opinion, I love animals dearly. I would hate to be in their position, to be shot down, for no reason but to be used for fur or to be eaten. Also I am a young adult so that would be illegal to go hunting and shoot things. Hunters should shoot a target or skeet instead of animals.On top of that it’s bad for the environment because these animals such as turkey, deer, cows,they can become extinct. Then what are hunters going to kill then? Humans maybe? Who knows? This is why I do not agree with hunting. It’s very cruel.


  1. I would also never go hunting because like mi said in my blogger I think it's cruel, because we wouldnt like it if hunters hunted us uhh

  2. I'm pretty sure cows and turkeys are not in danger of becoming extinct. Farmers breed them in order to slaughter them. Do you eat meat? Would you ever eat wild turkey that someone killed while hunting?