Monday, August 9, 2010

The Weekend

During the weekend I went on pass with my Aunt. I used to live with her when I was in second and third grade. So, every time I go over there I see all my friends from a long time ago. Last week I was so anxious to see the movie "Step Up 3D" because I loved the first and second one. Other than that I went to the Beach on Saturday. At first, my cousins and my friends were telling me that they’ve been hearing on the news that there are Jellyfish and they might sting you. So I was a little afraid to go in. Either way I still got in and had a blast!! Sunday was just a regular day, hung out at the house and brought friends over. Sometimes it sucks knowing the fact that I have to go back to my prison with no bars. And now I’m here typing this blog.

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