Monday, August 23, 2010

T.v show Spongebob

On Spongebob Squarepant’s there was an episode that Spongebob lost his pet snail named Gary. The beginning started of with Spongebob trying to win a contest and he ends up winning a package. Spongebob plays endless hours with his new toy and forgets all about Gary. Gary feels that Spongebob doesn't want him anymore so he decides to run away. A week has past by and Spongebob finally realizes that Gary is gone. He goes crazy trying to find him. Spongebob posts pictures of Gary saying that he is missing, he needs to be found and returned to him. In the middle of the story Gary is found by an old lady and she takes him home. She stuffs Gary with a lot of junk food. Gary sees a picture of something and it reminds him of Spongebob.Gary feels a little home sick and decides to go back home. At the end Spongebob finds him and they go home happily ever after. THE END!


  1. i didn't know you liked spongebob thats cool pimp,")

  2. I like that show to, but try not to use the characters name a lot you said spongebob at least ten times!

  3. I finally did mine!:) I LOVE CHOWDER!!!<3